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CDrom "The Drosera petiolaris complex"

A monograph by Maurizio Saroldi

Dear CP lovers,

every year, AIPC (the Italian CP Society) offers to its members 4 issues of its magazine, dedicated to several topics on the wonderful world of carnivorous plants.

In 2007 we begun an experiment devoting an entire issue to one single topic and so, in November 2007, the first monograph came to light: “The Drosera petiolaris complex” by Maurizio Saroldi, a double issue comprising 64 pages. The foreign growers who received this work voiced their appreciation, but also their regret at not being able to read the text, which of course, was in Italian.

For this reason we have now prepared a CD containing a pdf English version of the monograph.

CDrom "A tour of the Venezuelan Gran Sabana and some of its Tepuis"

A monograph by Andy Smith

Special Issue 2: this number is completely devoted to a field trip that our friend Andy Smith has written just for our journal, where it was published slightly reduced and that is offered here in full version, enriched by many more photos.
This experience is a dream for every CP lover, and it is hard to read this story without flying with the fantasy in this wonderful places without at least a little empathy with this group of explorers, so enthusiastic and passionate to face any problem with a smile, beyond any fatigue or hardships.

So a big thank to Andy Smith and his infectious enthusiasm.

CDrom "The Mexican Pinguicula"

A monograph by Gabriele Basso

Special Issue 3: AIPC is pleased to present the Special Issue n° 3 which belongs to the series specifically addressed to the English-speaking friends of the Association.
This special double issue of AIPC Magazine 14 (June 2009), now available on CD, includes an incredibly beautiful monograph by Gabriele Basso completely devoted to Mexican Pinguicula, and it is divided in 3 parts:

Part I: The Mexican Pinguicula: distribution and habitat, phenology, morphology and classification
Part II: Species by species
Part III: Cultivation

AIPC sells every CDs at the price of 10 Euros to raise money for “Cerbaie’s project: Drosera rotundifolia var. corsica preservation”.
In order to have the CD, send an e-mail to Gadget AIPC

Cerbaie’s project: Drosera rotundifolia var. corsica preservation

In the heart of the Tuscany, close to the Cerbaie’s Hills, in a tiny area, it’s possible to find the Drosera rotundifolia L. var. corsica Maire. The “sfagnum-bog” of the little San Martino’s valley (Fucecchio – FI) is one of the few sites in the world where is possible to find this particular plant and surely it is the southernmost Italian site where Drosera rotundifolia grows. The “sphagnum-bog” is large 1,000 sq. mtrs and additionally has some esteemed species, like Osmunda regalis L. and, until few years ago, the nice Gentiana pneumonanthe L., probably extinct due to phytosanitary measures and to many fires in this zone.

AIPC, in close cooperation with the probate authorities and the landlord, is working in order to promote the preservation project for this very important natural biotope, participating in the activities structures, management and info campaign, aimed at the Drosera’s survival; this plants, indeed, is currently at very high risk of extinction because of the site peculiarity and the lack of effective protection from the danger elements (infesting plants, shading, indiscriminate plants-collection, etc.). The project includes the re-establishment of the original habitat, limiting the competition of other infesting plants. The area will be fenced and several footbridges will be built as well as some guide-boards will help even the less expert excursionist to understand the peculiar area.

PDF too !

If you prefer to receive a link to download a PDF file, instead of CD support, after the payment you will receive the direct link to click.

It’s possible to contribute to Cerbaie’s project in many other ways:

By buying the European Meeting 2008’s conferences DVD.
By buying the AIPC 2009’s conferences DVD.
By buying the CP postcards.
By buying the AIPC T-shirts.
By buying the "Carnivorous Plants in the World” CD (only Italian language).
By buying the back number of the AIPC Magazine (only Italian language).
By donation, clicking the PAYPAL button

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