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EEE Lectures DVDs 2008
19-21 September 2008 Mira - Venice - Italy

During the VIII European Carnivorous Plants Exhibition & Exchange which took place in Mira (Italy), very interesting and qualified lectures have been introduced by world famous growers and studious which gave advice with growing tips, informations and suggestions about the fascinating carnivorous plants, their habitat and the risk of extinction which most of them occur.

AIPC is receiving a lot of requests to share the records of these wonderful opportunities through DVDs, in order to keep track of the nice experience in Mira. Therefore AIPC now offers a "2 DVD-collection" with 3 lectures each, all in english except the lecture by Dr. L. Peruzzi, in Italian.

We have thought to combine this work to the "conservation project" that AIPC is carrying on in Italy, for the survival of the Drosera rotundifolia L. var. corsica Maire, a carnivorous plant unique in the world, that hardly survive in a very small area close to the Cerbaie's hills - Florence, in the heart of Tuscany.

To support the project the box with 2 DVD is sold for

Euro 10,00 plus delivery charges

Euro 2,50 Italy
Euro 3,00 Europe
Euro 4,50 Rest of the world

In order to have the DVD, send an e-mail to gadget.aipc

The lectures:

DVD 1:

Dr. Jan Schlauer
"Rare European Utricularia Species"

Dr. Andreas Fleischmann e Stewart McPherson
"Drosera species of Venezuela - including the newly discovered D. solaris"

Dr. Joachim Nerz
"Distribution-patterns of Nepenthaceae in Sumatra - is there a gap in between Western- and Northern Sumatra?"

DVD 2:

Dr. Andreas Fleischmann
"Zambia and Sierra Leone: Drosera, Utricularia, Genlisea and Tryphyophyllum"

Dr. Lorenzo Peruzzi
"The genus Pinguicula in pensinsular Italy: diversity and distribution"

Stewart McPherson
"The Forgotten Carnivorous Plants"

Within the conferences Irmgard & Siegfried R.H. Hartmeyer presented their own new job, the "Triple "E" Meets Triphyophyllum" DVD. To join at the fund raising for Cerbaie's Project, Authors offered a free DVD copy which will be into the case.

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