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Purpose of the Association - AIPC

The purpose of AIPC is briefly summarized in the second Article of the Association Statute:

AIPC intends to promote, to divulge and to spread the study, the knowledge and the growing techniques of the carnivorous plants (…). AIPC association is apolitical and nonparty, without religious purposes and no-profit.

How and why AIPC was born is summed up in this short article published on the magazine “Gardenia” and written by Marcello Catalano, one of the main founders of AIPC,

“On 1st January 1998 the first association of carnivorous plants enthusiasts was born.
Taking one step back, in 1972 the Carnivorous Plants Newsletter was first published. This subsequently became the official bulletin of the International Carnivorous Plants Association based in California. Since then and during the following thirty years, both in Europe and in the rest of the world, nearly each Country saw the birth of an association gathering all the enthusiasts of these strange plants.

In Italy it was about 10 years ago when something began to originate. Here and there small groups of enthusiasts scattered everywhere on the Peninsula started to get in touch by advertisements on gardening magazines or by means of contacts with friends of friends…

All of us were surely disoriented. There were hazy informations about growing tips, total lack of books in Italian on that subject, geographical distance between the few enthusiasts, and difficulty in finding healthy and vigorous plants; all of that surely didn’t make things easy for us! Anyway, the real passion we had for carnivorous plants led us year after year to look for, to find and read (with a great effort) books in foreign languages, to buy plants abroad (or in the sole italian garden nursery selling carnivorous plants: Piante Esotiche Marsurein the province of Udine), to meet, write or call each other more and more often.
It was obvious that these few people looking for a point of reference were eager to get to know one another in order to exchange opinions and informations. So a core of veterans was created; those veterans attracted many newcomers and, during the last years, we begun to feel the need to create an association, considering the fact that in Italy we were among the last in the world not to have one.

In December 1997, right in the garden nursery in Udine, a meeting of about fifty people was organized and during that meeting I was in charge of explaining which could be the bases and expectations for the birth of AIPC.
Then in January ’98 the first issue of AIPC-News, a quarterly media outlet with the aim of creating a practical way of getting in touch with each other was published.”

“There are more than 600 species of carnivorous plants. All of them wonderful” (M.Catalano)

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